Services for Teens At Risk

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2019 STAR-Center Conference

Students, Sleep and Safety:  Evidence-Based Approaches to Reducing Teen Suicide Risk

Presented by Tina R. Goldstein, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, and Associate Director, STAR-Center (Services for Teens at Risk), UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital.

This presentation will discuss common sleep difficulties among youth, and review studies that support an association between sleep and suicidality.  We will explore ways that sleep difficulties may affect suicide risk and describe sleep-related assessment and treatment approaches that may aid in identification and treatment of suicidal youth.

Click here to download a copy of Dr. Goldstein's powerpoint presentation.

Presented by Mary Margaret Kerr, Ed.D., Professor, Administrative and Policy Studies, Psychology in Education and Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh.

This presentation offers a practical look at evidence-informed strategies for preventing, identifying, and addressing depression and suicidality in school settings.  Specifically, we review the a) specific implementation challenges associated with school mental health initiatives (universal, targeted, and intensive) and b) ways to avoid the obstacles in school-mental health interactions.

Click here to download a copy of Dr. Kerr's powerpoint presentation.