Keynote / Workshop Powerpoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations and any corresponding handouts are now available and linked to the workshop titles below.  


KEYNOTE 1 – Suicide and Suicidal Behavior in Black Youth

Powerpoint Presentation

Tami D. Benton, MD

KEYNOTE 2 – Next Time We’ll Be Ready:  What’s Wrong with School Crisis Preparation

Powerpoint Presentation

Mary Margaret Kerr, EdD



Group #1 – 12:45 – 2:00 p.m.

Workshop A - Treating Childhood Traumatic Grief with a COVID-19 Focus (Intermediate)

Judith Cohen, MD

(This workshop is offered again in Group 2 as Workshop F)

Workshop B - Traversing the Transition to College:  Assisting Students with Mental Health Concerns (Intermediate)

Handout - Preparation for College and Independent Living

Kym Jordan Simmons, PhD

Workshop C - Suicidality among Transgender Youth:  An Introduction to the Health Sciences Literature and Recommendations for Validating Care (Introductory)

Brian Thoma, PhD

Workshop D - Self-Care and Mindfulness in the School (Intermediate)

Handout:  Self-Care and Mindfulness Techniques 

Handout:  Self-Care and Supports

Sara Goodyear, MsEd, LPC, NCC

Workshop E - Social Determinants and their impact on Childhood Mental Health (Introductory)

Paula Marie Powe, MD


Group #2 – 2:15 - 3:30 p.m.

Workshop F - Treating Childhood Traumatic Grief with a COVID-19 Focus (Intermediate)

Judith Cohen, MD

(This workshop is offered in Group 1 as Workshop A)

Workshop G - Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children and Adolescents:  Assessment and Treatment Considerations for the School Setting (Introductory)

Benjamin L. Handen, PhD, BCBA-D

Workshop H - Approaching Social Anxiety:  Leading an Exposure-Based Group (Intermediate)

Christina Kirsch, PsyD, and Kelsey Johnson, LPC, NCC

Workshop I - Identifying and Responding to Cybervictimization among Adolescents (Introductory)

Candice Biernesser, PhD, LCSW and Karla Joyce-Good, LSW, MSW

Workshop J - Provider Well-Being:  We Need Not Always Be Heroes (Introductory)

Sansea L. Jacobson, MD