Past Presentation Handouts

Here you'll find presentations from our past conferences.  You are welcome to download a copy for your personal use.  If you want to use a presentation for a training event, please contact us for permission and any updates.  Thanks!

2022 Virtual STAR-Center Conference Keynotes

KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Preteen Suicide and Suicidal Behavior:  Assessment and Prevention

KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  "This can't wait!" . . . Giving educators the tools they need to understand and address students' mental health concerns 


2022 Virtual STAR-Center Conference Skill Development Workshops

Balancing recovery, rights, and risk in violence prevention:  The role of threat assessment  

Having the conversation:  Strategies for effective communication with adolescents about their social media use 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in Schools

Substance Use in Adolescents and Young Adults 

Safety Planning with Pre-Teens 

Mindfulness in Times of Stress . . . And How to Introduce it to Teens 

Identifying and Managing Workplace Stress:  Tips for educators while coping with stress through a pandemic 

Giving Children the Tools to Tame the Monster:  Talking to Students About the Trauma Associated with Loss Events in Schools 

Understanding and Treating Children and Adolescents with Chronic Pain and Other Somatic Symptoms

Clinician Well-Being in 2022:  Trading Perfection for "Good Enough" 

Brief Interventions for Depression in Youth:  Considering Benefits and Limitations - Powerpoint Not Currently Available for this Workshop

Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Transgender and Non-Binary Youth  


2020 Virtual STAR-Center Conference Keynotes

KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Focus on Virtual Assessment and Treatment

KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Trauma-Informed Awareness in Schools 


2020 Virtual STAR-Center Conference Skill Development Workshops

Trauma-Focused CBT for Childhool Traumatic Grief 

Media and Youth Suicide:  Through the Lens of "Thirteen Reasons Why"

Borderline Personality Disorder in Teens 


2019 STAR-Center Conference Keynotes

KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Improving Teen Sleep to Prevent Suicide:  Promising Strategy or Impossible Dream?

KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Overcoming Implementation Barriers in Addressing Depression and Suicidality in Schools

2019 STAR-Center Conference Skill Development Workshops

Adjunctive Group Intervention for Depressed/Anxious Youth Transitioning to College

Prevention and Treatment of Depression and Suicidality among Gender Minority (Transgender and Nonbinary) Youth:  An Introduction and Review of the Health Sciences Literature

Trauma-Focused CBT for Traumatized LGBTQ Youth

Suicide Risk Assessment of School Age Youth 

Understanding and Supporting Mental Health Needs and Safety in the Schools

Why Mindfulness Matters . . .And How to Introduce it to Teens

Targeting Insomnia as a Transdiagnostic Approach to Improving Mental Health:  Brief Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia (BBTI)

Little Kids, Big Problems:  Anxiety and Depressive Disorders in Children

Update on Adolescents, Social Media, and Mental Health:  Understanding Risks, Benefits, and Applications for Clinical Practice 

2018 STAR-Center Conference Keynotes

KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Youth Suicide in the Digital Age:  Impact of Social Media on Teen's Suicidal Risk  - David A. Brent, M.D.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Supporting Students with Anxiety and Depression at School:  What Works? - Mary Margaret Kerr, Ed.D.

Handout to Accompany Powerpoint:  Anxiety at School: A Teacher’s Guide

2018 STAR-Center Conference Skill Development Workshops

Partnering with Parents of LGBT Youth Gerald T. Montano, DO, MS

Trauma-Focused CBT for Childhood Traumatic Grief - Judith Cohen, M.D.

Understanding the Impact of Concussions:  From Injury through Recovery - Luke C. Henry, Ph.D.

Bringing Mindfulness to the Classroom  - Claudine Runnette, MS, LPC and Jennifer Asmonga, Med.

Handout to Accompany PowerPoint

Self-Injury:  The Why, How, and When Young People Hurt Themselves, and What We Can Do  Garry King, Grad Dip Education; Masters of Education (Guidance and Counseling); Masters of Suicidology

Sleep during Adolescence:  Developmental Changes and Links to Emotional Function Peter L. Franzen, Ph.D.

Family Based Interpersonal Psychotherapy (FB-IPT) for Depressed Preadolescents  - Laura J. Dietz, Ph.D., and Rebecca Weinberg, PsyD.

Sexual Violence and Dating Violence Prevention for Teens and Young Adults:  What Works? Kelly Jones, Ph.D., MPH

Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids:  A Whole-Child Approach Supporting Childhood Mental Health  - Leah Northrop, MS, RYT

Handout to Accompany PowerPoint

It's a Different World:  Mental Health, Technology and Social Media   - Ryan Klingensmith, LPC, NCC - Handout Only

Prevention and Treatment of Depression and Suicidality among Gender Minority Youth:  An Introduction and Review of the Health Sciences Literature Michael Marshal, Ph.D., and Brian Thoma, Ph.D.

2017 STAR-Center Conference Keynotes

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Fast Forward:  Innovations in the Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Youth - David A. Brent, MD

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Role [and Toll] of Educators’ Involvement in Suicide Prevention, Treatment and Postvention - Mary Margaret Kerr, EdD

2017 STAR-Center Conference Skill Development Workshops

Why Mindfulness Matters. . .and How to Introduce it to Teens - Danella Hafeman, MD, PhD

Best Practices for Anxious Children and Teens - Christina Kirsch, MS and Sharon Shorak, LSW

Concussions and Adolescents: Understanding Pathology and Development - Luke C. Henry, PhD

Therapeutic Strategies for Managing Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Teens - Maureen Maher Bridge, LCSW and Kimberly Poling, LCSW

Preparing Youth with Mood and Anxiety Disorders for a Successful Transition to College - Tina Goldstein, PhD and Dara Sakolsky, MD, PhD

Prevention and Treatment of Depression and Suicidality among Gender Minority (Transgender and Nonbinary) Youth: An Introduction and Review of the Health Services Literature - Michael Marshal, PhD and Brian Thoma, PhD

Uniform Protocol for the Assessment and Treatment of Acute Suicide Risk - Stephanie D. Stepp, PhD and Amy Byrd, PhD