Manual Descriptions

Postvention Standards Manual
A Guide for a School's Response in the Aftermath of Sudden Death, Fifth Edition

This manual has been prepared for educators, social workers, school psychologists, counselors, and other professionals who work with children and adolescents in the aftermath of tragedies.  It is intended to guide schools and communities in developing their own postvention (services offered in an aftermath of a suicide or tragedy) policies and procedures.  This guide does not replace professional advice and should not be the only source of guidelines for a specific situation, as each crisis will be different.  Appropriately trained professionals should be consulted for discussion and evaluation of particular issues or cases.

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Survivors of Suicide
A Support Group Leaders Handbook

This manual was written for individuals with the interest in starting a group for suicide survivors.  We hope to provide you with a guide and basic outline for providing services to those isolated by their loss.
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Teen Handbook on Depression

We have found that educating people about depression and suicide is one of our best tools in helping to treat psychiatric illness and prevent suicide.  This handbook has been designed to help educate you [the teen] about your illness.  We hope that the information will help you remain hopeful and know that all difficult situations can improve without your needing to resort to suicide or any self-harming behavior.
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Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Distress Tolerance Skills for Adolescents

Written for clinicians, this treatment manual is intended as a complement to and extension of STAR-Center's cognitive therapy manual for depressed and suicidal adolescents. It has been our experience that mood disordered patients with difficulties in emotion regulation may make great strides in CBT, but under duress will have an emotion storm that interferes with their ability to utilize their cognitive therapy skills. The manual includes guidelines and scripts for teaching teens emotion regulation, assertiveness skills, and distress tolerance skills. Ten teen skills hand-outs are included in perforated, pull-out format. In addition to individual therapy, the skills are also summarized for use in groups with teens and their caretakers.
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Young Adult Transition Group:  A Treatment Manual

To address the needs of young adults transitioning out of child/adolescent mental health services, we developed a brief group intervention delivered to young adults and their parents during the 6 months prior to college or transition to living independently in the community.  For young adults, we offer a monthly 60-minute group that begins in March and ends in August of the final year of high school. Three concurrent parent sessions are offered in March, May, and August.  Parents and young adults join together for the final group to celebrate and conclude treatment.  The transition group program sessions focus on scaffolding knowledge about one’s own skills (and deficits) related to independent living, successful transition to college or community, and ability to independently manage a chronic mental health disorder.  Didactics and discussion focus on ways young adults can gradually build toward greater independence in several different domains.

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The following manuals are undergoing revisions and will be made available as soon as they have been completed.

Living with Depression:  A Survival Manual for Families
Third Edition

This manual was written for families.  Our intent is to help you gain a better understanding of an extremely complicated issue by providing the most updated information on depression and suicide.  We also hope to offer helpful coping strategies for your family.  We have learned that by partnering with parents, we increase our chances of helping your adolescent overcome the depression. 

Cognitive Therapy Treatment Manual For Depressed and Suicidal Youth
Includes:  Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety Supplement

This section on cognitive therapy of anxiety is designed to serve as a supplement to the CBT manual and assumes the reader has mastered the material therein.  In this supplemental section we cover the discussion of the assessment of anxiety disorders, education about anxiety, and, different anxiety disorders and specific treatment interventions to target anxiety disorders. 

Child and Adolescent Anxiety:  A Handbook for Families

This manual will provide you with an overview of the types of anxiety disorders, information about the possible causes, types of treatment available, as well as suggestions that may help your family member cope with, and recover from his/her illness.